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Nordic Tip

Getting a Good Ski Boot Fit


Key to your skiing comfort and performance are proper fitting ski boots.


  1. Find a shop and a salesperson you feel comfortable with.
  2. Talk about your level of ability, the size and shape of your foot, the kind of skiing you want to do and how often you go.
  3. Have the salesperson measure both of your feet, length and width. Ask the salesperson to take note of any pronation, instep problems or unusual features of your feet.
  4. Try on several makes and models.
  5. Learn to use the mechanisms to adjust the fit.
  6. Wear boots for up to half an hour in the shop prior to purchase.
  7. Notice if the boot tongue flexes when you squat and push against it this is good for most recreational skiers.
  8. There should be a quarter inch in front of your toes. Your heel shouldn't wiggle or lift.
  9. Avoid cheap or 'on sale' boots, if they're not the perfect fit.


Mid-entry or overlap boots typical have features suited for the intermediate or advanced level skier. Rear-entry boots are easier to put on, but normally lack performance and fit. Boots with a stiff outer shell and a soft inner boot, which insulates your feet, can both of which be heat treated to customize the fit. Wear the socks you wear skiing. If you use foot warmers, try the boots with foot warmers in place. Spend the time shopping for the perfect fit in your price range. Ski boots can cost up to hundreds of dollars.


Skiing is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity.