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Nordic Tip

Figure 8 Knot


This is a strong, secure knot that is great for anchor uses such as in climbing. Also called a Flemish knot, the Figure-8 knot is has the advantage that it is easy to untie.


  1. Double a piece of rope over, forming a loop at the top, the end of the A.
  2. With the rope still doubled, form another loop, creating an X where the rope crosses itself. The section of rope closest to end A should be passing under the other section, from top-left to lower-right of the X.
  3. Hold the X with your left hand.
  4. Use your right hand to poke end A into the hole.
  5. Pull on end A and tighten the knot.

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Skiing is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity.