Mountain Travel and Rescue 1

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Last updated 28 Nov 2022.

Pre-classes (Indoor/Webinar): Various Weekday nights - To be scheduled..
Outdoor Field Class: March 10-12, 2023
Location: Pinecrest, CA
Time: Check in opens 7:00AM
Note: Attendance at a pre-class is compulsory.

The Mountain Travel & Rescue course will provide the basic information, instruction, and opportunity to travel in the winter backcountry. It will prepare you with the basic knowledge to skillfully and safely enjoy travel in a harsh winter mountain environment.

You will be introduced to:
  • Search & Rescue
  • Safe Route Finding
  • Basic Map & Compass
  • Winter Shelters
  • Skiing & Snow-Shoeing
  • Food & Water
  • Cooking
  • Winter Environment Clothing
  • Survival Skills
  • Cold Weather Medical Emergencies

This class will satisfy the Far West Division Nordic requirement for Mountain Travel & Rescue as well as provide one elective credit for patrollers seeking advancement towards Senior.

Contact course coordinator, Jeff Gurrola ( ) if you have any questions.


Participant Category

The Mountain Travel and Rescue 1 course is open to NSP members and affiliate organizations including Search and Rescue (SAR) groups, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and Stanislaus Wilderness Volunteers (SWV). Members of the public and/or people not part of the NSP or an affiliate should contact   before registering.

Winter Camping/Survival training comes with significant personal bodily risk as a direct result of the environment or prescribed lesson activities. As a member of an associate agency, or as an associate member of the NSP, you assume all personal liability issues as a result of class registration and participation, and all participants in NSP classes are required to sign a release of liability holding the NSP and the Instructors of the course non-liable.

Student Info:

Students will be required to complete a pre-test and attend the compulsory Indoor/Webinar pre-class. Pre-tests will be checked before the field class on March 23th.

Course material including the pre-test, class agenda and gear list will be available on this site for download and will be posted to students with the text when registration is received.

The following documents are part of the student pack which all students should review before the class.

Students are also required to register directly with the National Ski Patrol. Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Create a personal account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create an Account”.
    • For desktop, this is on the top banner.
    • For mobile devices, click on the icon of a shadowed person (left most icon on the top banner).
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Hit “Save”

Step 2-Register for the Course

  1. Find Course Schedule
    • Desktop Users: Go to website and select :”Get Involved” tab on top banner and select from the Pull-down menu
    • Mobile Users: Go to the website and select the right-most icon (a bunch of stacked lines). Select :”Get Involved” tab on top banner and select from the Pull-down menu
  2. Find the Course
    • In the field for Patrol, input “Pinecrest”.
    • Hit “Find”
    • Select course of interest. The course ID is F067200002
    • Register for the class.

    Instructor Info:

    Instructors wishing to help instruct at the course are encouraged to contact the course coordinator, Jeff Gurrola ( )

    Problems? Contact for technical issues with this website.