Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol
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Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol wins Top NSP Award

Congratulations! Job well done!

August 5, 2001

At the NSP Far West Division Annual Awards Dinner last Saturday night, the Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol had the very great honor and privilege to be awarded the National Outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol Award for the 2001.

This National Outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol Award is presented each year to the single most Outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol in the nation. The Outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol is selected from among the nominations sent by the Division Directors throughout the nation to the National NSP Office and approved by the NSP National Awards Committee. The Ronald Ricketts Award is inscribed on the trophy for the Award, that is kept on display in the NSP National Office.

Present at the Awards Dinner to represent and accept the National Outstanding Nordic Ski Patrol Award on behalf of the Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol was Geoffrey Austin, Steve Barr, Pat Callery, Mariano Caunday, Steve Donelan, Nancy Krebs, John Kretschmann, Ed Lopez, Robert Parkhurst and Matt Brooks, Patrol Director.

This achievement could not have been accomplished without the many hours, days and years of unselfish contributions and moral support from the U.S. Forest Service, the patrol's employer, as well as the Patrol's friends, supporters, candidates and nordic patrollers. Without this cooperative contributions and support by all, such national recognition could not have been achievable.

Nevertheless, the Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol now faces an even greater challenge. That challenge is to ensure that Patrol does not rest on its accomplishments, no matter how outstanding. As it moves forward, the goal of the Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol is to set the standard of both technical excellence and public service to its community.

Additionally, the Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol's Assistant Patrol Director, Larry Crawford, was awarded the Most Outstanding Nordic Patroller in the Far West Division for the 2001 season.

The Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol is a volunteer National Ski Patrol in the Stanislaus National Forest. The Patrol operates primarily near the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort area in Pinecrest, California, just north of Yosemite National Park.