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Nordic Tip

How to Keep Your Water Bottle From Freezing When Winter Backpacking


Drinking plenty of water will help you prevent some of the most common injuries and illnesses associated with cold-weather activities. But it's hard to stay hydrated when your water bottles or hydration packs are cold or frozen.


  1. Carry water bottles specifically designed to withstand both freezing and boiling temperatures. This way you can pour boiling water into your bottle without it softening and collapsing the plastic.
  2. Heat water before you head out for the day and cover the bottle with an insulated cover designed especially for water bottles.
  3. Bury your filled water bottles upside down in a snowbank when you bed down at night, and mark the location with a ski pole or trekking pole. The snow will insulate the bottle, keeping it from freezing.
  4. Place any water you'll be drinking during the night or in the early morning inside your sleeping bag with you.
  5. Make sure you're using water bottles that feature several tiers of threading designed to prevent openings and leakage.
  6. Consider purchasing a hydration pack specially designed to withstand freezing.