Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol
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Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patroller Profile

Patrollers carry a Forest Service radio and a patrol pack with personal and patient emergency equipment sufficient to provide safety, comfort, emergency ski repairs, needed first aid, and spend the night out of their patrol packs if necessary.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • You're an intermediate level cross-country skier (or better). You ski with mid-weight (or better) skis, boots, and poles, and you possess sufficient physical strength and endurance to undergo the severity of serious winter back-country skiing.
  • You're enthusiastically motivated towards greater self-fulfillment, want to improve your skiing and winter skills, and you derive gratification in sharing your skills and interests with others.
  • You can meet the patrol's minimum eight patrol days, plus several training days per season.

Is It All Hard Work?

Now that we told you about the time and training commitments, you may ask...

..."so where is the fun?"


If you enjoy the serenity of cross-country skiing and working in the pristine winter environment, magnificent wide open vistas of the Sierra backcountry inspire you, long days of plowing through two feet of new fallen snow on skinny skis is your idea of a good time, and you want to be a service to the winter recreationist, then skiing as a National Ski Patroller is right for you.

Join us!

Send us an email or fill out our online form. Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol needs you!

Patrol Director: Jeff Bowser

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