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Trail Reports: 2001-2002 Season

10/27 - 10/28/2001 Patrol Report

There was a strong showing from Pinecrest at the Prospector On-the-Hill this year. John Kretschmann, Bill Lowell, Steve Barr and Jim Krussow lead the knot tying station where they taught the difference between a figure eight and double figure eight. Brent Schaffer, Chris Castell, Jeff Gurrola, Doug Fisher, and Mariano Caunday rotated through the stations with the Prospector patrol, including the ever-exciting chair evacuation. Robert Parkhurst assisted with an avalanche transceiver station. Fortunately, the avalanche conditions on Saturday were minimal. After a lively discussion over lunch, several members of the groups hiked up Gooseberry and down Rock and Roll.

Jim and Dell Krussow graciously offered dinner on Saturday. We spent the evening telling stories, eating hot dogs, baked potatoes, apple cider, hot chocolate, berry cobbler with homemade ice cream - what more could we ask. We woke up early Sunday to another feast outside by the fire pit of waffles, homemade berry sauce and whole berries from their garden, whipped cream, hot chocolate, apple cider, and coffee... It was described by some as Club Med for campers!!

We then proceeded to Pinecrest for a day of tree trimming and trail clearing for the upcoming season. Over breakfast we determined that, with the advent of mountain unicycling, the patrol should consider starting a summer backcountry unicycle patrol.

Three teams were formed for trail maintenance. John "Chainsaw" Kretschmann led a team, including Doug Fisher and Chris Castell, to the upper section of Rock and Roll and then into Telemark Bowl. When asked how many trees were "displaced", a teammate responded "its too hard to tell", but that Telemark Bowl is almost skiable. Larry "Polesaw" Crawford led a team that included Brent Schaffer and Robert Parkhurst to Redwood Trail and Crabtree. The final team, led by Todd "Brushwacker" Fitch and including Jeff Gurrola and Steve Barr, trekked to Burnt Bowl.

Many thanks to all involved especially Jim and Dell for their kind hospitality.

--Submitted by: Jeff Gurrola

12/15 - 12/16/2001 Patrol Report


Snow was absolutely fantastic! Beautiful sunset on final sweep.

Weather was clear, cold, and breezy on the Knob.

Patrollers: Pat Callery, Tod Fitch, Keith Gale, Ed Lopez (Lisa at cabin, monitoring radio, working on final for a class)

1/2 dozen cars at Crabtree trailhead

Pat, Tod, and Ed started at Knob. Patrolled Knob trail to Burst Rock Junction. Proceeded down Gooseberry.

Next, Chair 3 to Aspen Meadows, to Ridge Run, cutoff to Aspen Road, finished sweep of Crabtree.

Final sweep of Gooseberry.

No cars left at either trailhead when team left for the day.

Noted 7 people on Gooseberry, 3 people between Aspen Meadows and Crabtree (one was on Gooseberry earlier)

Noted snowboard tracks off chair 8 toward Gooseberry area, but did not encounter any skiers with out of bounds cards all day.

Keith visited the Dodge aid room in the morning. Then spent a few hours at Crabtree and Gooseberry trailheads and did public service, talked to about 10 people about trails and provided other information. Later went to Strawberry, assisted underdressed visitors at snow play area by providing warm clothing while they enjoyed the snow.


Snow was heavier (Sierra cement). Weather was mildly overcast, cold, and calm.

Patrollers: Tod Fitch, Keith Gale, Lisa Tesler

Knob to Burst Rock Junction. Met up with Michael Lockard and friend, just packing up after snowcamping there.

Proceeded down Gooseberry. Had a friendly chat with a pro/paid patroller. Skied part of Rock and Roll, then finished Gooseberry. Met up with two skiers who had been out the day before. Observed one car at trailhead.

Completed final sweep on Crabtree. Met about 14 skiers/snowshowers on Crabtree. 4 were headed out to go snowcamping.

About 10 cars at Crabtree trailhead.

No cars at Gooseberry trailhead after sweep.


The Knob Trail (#8) to the Gooseberry trailhead has poor signage and needs a haircut; some markers that do exist are obstructed by foliage.

No map box at Gooseberry trailhead.


1) With respect to new "Backcountry Access" program:

Out-of-bounds exit sign at Knob, just beyond Patrol Shack, leading toward Aspen Meadow.

Another out-of-bounds exit sign at junction of cat track and Knob trail (heading uphill).

Third out-of-bounds exit sign at junction of Gooseberry and farthest groomed run off Chair 8.

2) Signs on Lodge doors state that the patrol monitors Family Radio Service channel 9 code 11 (easy to remember: 911).

--Submitted by: Lisa Tesler

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