Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol
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Archived Reports

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Trail Reports: 2007-2008 Season

Yes, we're still here and we know you want to get updates on conditions and what were up to but our bad webmaster never got around to updating this page. Be sure to mail us if you want updates and we'll do our best to get you some recent informtion.

For a photo archive of the 2007-2008 season check out Jeff's Picasa photo album.

03/29/2008 Patrol Report


  • David Kelly (Lead)
  • Penny Hutchinson
  • Vincent Von Kaenel (Candidate)
  • Louisa Kelly (Jr Patroller)

With the season nearing and end (at least for us) we decided to head out to Stan's bowl to check out the remnants of our MTR1 class. With Lou in the pack we headed in for lunch and played around for a while once we got in there. To our surprise there were some fresh tracks in and the area at Stan's Bowl was pretty clear of debris. Little did we know Vincent had already done a trip into the bowl with his daughters in the morning and collected the trash hence the lack of any evidence of our MTR bailout in the blizzard a few weeks earlier.

Just for fun, we took some video of skiing out down Gooseberry Rd with Louisa in the pack. Check it out.

David and Louisa with Penny following down Gooseberry road.

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